Senior year rocket project

My senior year in engineering school I joined a 4-person team where we designed, built, and test-fired a rocket engine. We used ethylene for the fuel and oxygen for the oxidizer, and graphite for the body. My tasks were to analyze the design using Fluent, and help with the diagnostics using LabVIEW. Teaching myself enough Fluent to be dangerous, I cobbled together a compressible non-premixed combustion simulation.

CO2 concentration injector view closeup temperature

I really liked working with CFD and now that I have a few years of experience of professional simulation, I would like to someday revisit this problem and do a more in-depth study of nozzle designs, non-adiabatic wall treatment, non-traditional approaches (like Lattice Boltzmann method), etc.

I had a lot of fun on this project, probably my favorite one in college. Here are some of the outcome pictures from our design and fabrication efforts.

back view flames exhaust out the window