I'm Steve Warner. I'm an engineer who uses computers to make things better. My academic background is in aerospace engineering, while my professional experience is centered around mechanical engineering.

Other interests include riding to work, the local animal shelter, digital photography, and reading used books bought from Amazon. I live in Providence, RI.

Home security system version 2

Improved home security system using the raspberry pi camera and Python.

Heat exchanger topology optimization

Topology optimization of a simple heat exchanger using a genetic algorithm. Runs on the cloud on Amazon EC2 spot instances.

Double-acting piston simulation

OpenFOAM simulation of a moving wall boundary condition with one-way inlet/outlets.

Kerbal Space Program simulator

Taking the fun out of KSP by simulating the maximum altitude of a simple rocket configuration.

MtGox trade bot

Bot from the heady days of Bitcoin which buys and sells at a certain percentage swing.

Webcam security system

Webcam system which sends me pictures of movement when I'm not home.

Space elevator thesis

Modeling the long-term motion of a space elevator for my M.S. thesis.

Senior year rocket project

Trying to measure the thrust produced by a rocket engine configuration before a live-fire test.